For partners

Dona is a service that was created not for endless correspondence, chats and vile scam, but for real meetings and, ultimately, WEDDINGS!

Many agencies have turned this noble sphere into something vulgar, dishonest, something that really spoils the reputation for many good matchmakers. But they exist, there are not many of them, but we know them personally and intend to work only with such agencies!

We are open to cooperation if the agency meets the criteria listed below:
  • The presence of an office, website and documents confirming the legal conduct of business
  • Honesty, openness and sincere intention to create happy couples
  • Proven experience and success of the agency in creating marriage
  • The ability to find and check all women in the database, confidence in their sincere intentions
  • Ability to work quickly and respond to urgent requests
  • Compliance with our business principles

If you are ready to develop a service that is based on high moral principles and standards with us, then fill out the form and we will contact you shortly.