Tips for registered men

There is some truth to the fact that Ukrainian men are very spoiled for with an abundance of choice of beautiful women who know how to truly love and care for a man and family and give themselves without sparing their energy, unlike women-feminists, who have a lot in America and Europe. Women really do not receive enough compliments, care and attention, because Ukrainian men are not very generous in this. 

And foreign men who surrounded by women who strive to be on a par with men and who do not need their help, they are ready and want to take care of their woman and enjoy it. Therefore, not without reason the number of international marriages in Ukraine is growing every year.

But let's think realistically.

Girls who want to marry a foreigner are not desperate poor Ukrainians who think that their life will change completely if they will live in New York, Berlin, in Paris or in another big city in the world.These are women who love to travel, develop, learn languages, different cultures and traditions, with an open mind, they consider all the possibilities of finding a life partner without limits and without boundaries. These are self-sufficient women who want to find just a beloved man and start a family. And the site for them is an additional opportunity, but not the last chance.

There is a category of men who talk about how they already had negative experience on various dating sites, and even were cheated. But no need to form an opinion about every Ukrainian women based on your negative experience. Similarly, women who have had negative experiences with foreign men say that they all want to have not a wife, but a beautiful a housewife who will serve them as a maid and there is no question of any love there. But this is not true!

About all this we can say that it is not necessary to draw the wrong conclusions, which are based on old stereotypes and rumors. And many of our successful couples are for us the most correct indicator. When we receive letters from men and women with thanks that they found each other on our platform, we know for sure that this is the most wonderful result of our work.

With love,
Dona's team