Tips for registered men

The appearance of men.

We can hear a lot that the appearance of a man is secondary things. The main thing is his masculine strong character, charisma, status, power. That if a man has these qualities, then appearance is not the main thing. Yes, there is a lot of truth in this. Many experiments have proven that a woman can fall in love with a man who does not really meet her criteria for a man's appearance. But the man is practically not. If a woman does not evoke sympathy and sexual attraction in him, then no great inner world of hers will help create feelings in his brain. But everyone agrees with me that a woman would rather choose a handsome, smart, athletic, wealthy man than only an smart, athletic, wealthy man. It is a fact. Yes, men can more afford to have a big belly, not think about the style of his beard or long hair, that most women do not like. Or about the bald spot on his head, or the fact that he is thin, but he can fix it for several months, attending training and eating right, or what style of clothing he has... 

It's good when a man knows how to do it himself. But there are also a lot of men who simply do not know how to change his appearance, which women will like. In this case, you need to contact a specialist. 

We are always ready to give advice to any of our clients who are ready to hear the truth. But believe me it's worth it. Scroll .. Here are a few examples of how a man can change a few simple things, such as hair or beard, shape of his body. 

A man wants to have a beautiful woman near him, but he very often does not think how much strength, money, energy and time is spent on her beauty. He must understand that both must invest. I'm not talking about the fact that a man should paint his lips ☺. But to make his appearance as attractive as possible, he must create one if he wants to change his life. I only write statistics that correspond to many surveys of women. Of course, this is not about everyone, but this is the majority.

So... 6 qualities that women do not like in a man's appearance: 

1. Women don't like thin men. No one of our woman client has ever said that she likes skinny men. No one disputes that physiology plays a big role. But every thin man can be made into a sporty big man. Correct sports and correct multiple meals and in a few months you will see the result. 

2. Women don't like fat men. A man can be big, but not overweight. A pregnant man cannot be too sexy. And first of all, it greatly affects sex. Women who have a man with a belly, like a pregnant woman, often complain that their men cannot be diverse in sex with different poses. 

3. Women don't like long-haired men. It can be a little stylish ponytail or beautifully styled hair in the style of Brad Pitt, but most women like short haircuts for men.

4. Baldness in men is something that must be corrected. There are two ways: 1)To be completely bald and with a beard. Many women find bald men very sexy.

2) Or have hair transplant surgery. But it will significantly change your appearance. 

5. Beard. The time when women liked shaved men are long gone. And the beard should be. This is a sign of masculinity and maturity. But it is very important to find the correct shape and length for the beard that will suit you. Sometimes it can change a man beyond recognition.

I will never forget the case when I worked with one of our clients who came to Ukraine to meet a Ukrainian woman. And before his first date, we went with him to a barbershop and I told the barber to change his haircut and beard shape. It was two different men as a result. He thanked me for this for a very long time. And then six months later, he wrote how everything had changed in his life in relation to the women. He said that now a lot more women began to pay attention to him than before. 

6. Clothes. Just a little tip: go to the mall and find a dresed mannequin with a ready look and buy it all. This works most of the time. Except if you have a very non-standard figure. 

These are just small tips, you don't need to take it as something unambiguous. But this is what we have seen for several years working in the field of relations with men and women. 
Just trust me 😉