Tips for registered men

A few registration tips for men on

Why is it important not to regret spending enough time filling your profile? What profiles of men attract ladies most of all? 

First of all you pay attention to the photo. According to the statistics, the best photos for women are photos of men in business style, in a suit or just in a white shirt. It certainly can be any good looking clothes for men and good hairstyle and well-groomed beard. 

But believe its really important! Your selfie on the coach in your home T-shirt is the last thing that a woman will be interested in when she looks at the profile for the first time.
The second thing that is equally important as the photo is your introduction. Man can easily skip many important points and questions when he fills his profile. As a result, a woman will find that this man is not really interesting person. 

Very often a man says that he has a good sense of humour, but before  the first skype or  having a date and seeing each other in real, woman first of all will pay attention to the photo and profile. How can she feel that a man has a good sense of humour? For example, you can write some jokes about your character, your personality. It works very well.
For example, when we asked a woman from one of our couples, what exactly did she like about the man at first?
She said she remembers reading in his description that he wrote about himself like a "formidable bear" who is not afraid of anything, but inside he is a romantic ballerina who wants love and dancing. And besides this man was really looks like Myke Tyson). Can you imagine Myke Tyson- ballerina))?
She said that she laughed a lot when she read this and she wanted to know this bear and ballerina and go on a real date with him. 

You must understand that everything takes your good energy, efforts and of course your time. And if you think that this will be normal anyway, then this will never bring a real good result. This rule works in all spheres of life. I am sure you understand this very well.
Therefore, please do not spare your time and energy to answer all questions by filling out your profile. Try to write as interesting as possible about your interests and features of your personality.

Of course, the external picture and what you wrote is one thing, and what you are when communicating can be quite another. But a well-designed profile gives you a much better chance of meeting a beautiful, interesting woman than an empty profile with one photo on the couch.

With love,
Dona's team