Tips for registered men

We sincerely wish that our site to be as useful and effective as possible in finding your soulmate.

Let's talk about how to save time and money and approach the choice of a partner wisely.

Of course, many will tell me: What kind of wisdom we are talking about, because you have to choose your fate with your heart. And it’s really true, but still we believe that you can connect these 2 concepts together and use some secrets so that the status  not married, quickly turned into - my heart is occupied forever :-)

  • The first thing I want to say is - do not use letters as the main and only communication tool! Yes, I understand that among you there are many romantic men who skillfully use the skill of the word, write beautiful letters that excite the female heart. And women, of course, are crazy about such masculine quality. But before you go into the abyss of endless correspondence and inspiration, stop, breathe deeply and remember our advice - A letter is good to give an initial description of a person, character, interests, attitudes to life. If after reading your presentation letters you are interested in each other, arrange skype - date! Believe our experience, very often after a meeting via video, the couple no longer wants to continue communication. After all, photos will never convey the essence of a person. Voice, smile, gestures, facial expressions - all this is of great importance. And it is better for you to see it right away, and not spend half a year on correspondence, which will lead to nothing in the end ...
  • The second advice, very important in our opinion, is not to delay the arrival. When you talked and realized that she is really interesting to you and you want to take the relationship to a new level, plan your arrival as soon as possible. Do not make her wait a long time, because in the end it may happen that there will no longer be anyone to go to. The girl needs confidence that you are real, you are interested, you are ready to take serious steps towards your future. The initiative can be taken by someone else if you drag out with a real meeting.
  • The third thing I want to talk about is if you plan to date not only with one lady, think carefully about how to present this information to the girl as loyally as possible!! As long as a person is not in a serious relationship, he has the right to carefully approach his search for a partner, because this is serious and this is for life. It is very important to talk with several girls in order to understand who you are most interested in, with whom you have the most common interests and with whom your outlook on life is more consistent. But every girl wants to feel that she is the only one. Of course, she also understands that this is logical, that you have traveled many kilometers, that you, like she, have the right to choose. But she understands this with her mind, but the heart shrinks and closes from the understanding that now you are sitting on a date with her, and soon you will go to another. Many girls honestly admitted that after the man said that he had several dates, the romance instantly disappeared and there was only bitter disappointment. Do not raise this topic, try to be as loyal to the feelings of girls as possible!
  • The fourth thing I want to talk about is the exchange of contact information through the site. In fact, this is a serious step for both. Think carefully about whether this girl is really interesting to you, because for her it is an indicator of the seriousness of your intentions and she will look forward to your attention.
  • Remember that communication will take place without agency control. Get to know this girl well before that! After all, perhaps, after talking with you for a while, she will understand that you and her are different and will want to end the conversation. It will be a bitter disappointment for you. You must really understand that you like each other, that you want to go to the next level and are ready to communicate on your own!

And most importantly. 

At any time when you need advice, when you don’t understand the girl’s reaction, when the girl has lost interest in you and you don’t know why or you see that after the meetings the girls don’t want to continue communication - contact us right away! We have a professional dating coach and psychologist who will give you advice, help you figure out what is the reason and what you should work on. Do not waste time in vain, because perhaps changing your attitude to yourself or to girls, you will find happiness much faster! This is a comprehensive and smart approach to finding a soulmate. And we are here for you 24/7

Good luck in finding your happiness!

With love
'' Dona ''