Tips for registered men

How to choose the right woman? I would like to talk with you about some important things when you choose a woman on our site.

Of course, it is no secret that a man loves with his eyes and the appearance of a lady takes one of the most important roles in his choice. I think you should understand that a photo can be very deceiving in fact. Photoshop, many modern filters, a good position in the photo .. all this can be very different from reality.

But, in fact, a woman with simple photos, which can sometimes be taken not very well, can be a very beautiful woman and an interesting personality. But as practice shows, men pay less attention to women with everyday photos. Because there are hundreds of women with perfect photos on the site. I advise you not to limit your choice only to the external image. You do not choose butter in the store. When the more expensive the better. This is your partner for life, and for some men it may even be the mother of their children. Please look deeper.

When you see a photo of a bright beautiful lady, with long well-groomed hair, with a beautiful body, she is dressed in branded clothes. You must understand that this woman has decided for herself to attract a wealthy and successful man who understands the fact that this woman is spending a lot of time and money to create this beauty. And this is her choice. And a man who wants to be with such a girl should understand this and not tell her after a month of relations: how can you spend $ 200 every month on your hair?

But, again, this does not mean that a very beautiful woman is not a very smart and non-intellectual woman. These women can have two high educations, own business and many interesting hobbies. And you might think that her interests are only her appearance, shopping and instagram. Therefore, again, appearance can be very deceiving.

The second thing that is very important for a man is whether the woman has children. We did a survey on our website a year ago with all registered men, on the question: Which woman will you choose: with children? or without? The results showed that 80.3% of men wrote the answer: without children. And this despite the fact that a man can have three children. Why does this happen?

Working in the dating sphere, I watched a huge number of our couples that formed when a woman’s child from her first marriage was not an obstacle for a man. It’s just a part of a woman, it’s a part of her life. No need to look at children as a difficulty or problem. On our site there are many very beautiful, successful, kind, interesting women who have children and they are no worse than those who have no children. I sincerely advise you, just try to remove this filter when searching for your soulmate. Try to talk with such a woman, and you will realize that you may have been mistaken before. Such a woman will give you so much time and her feminine energy and inspire you so much that you can not even imagine.

Remember that all restrictions are only in your head. Be more open and try to remove these blocks, which are based on fear and self-doubt.

Well, the third, which is one of the main qualities that men pay attention to when searching for women on our site, is knowledge of English or another foreign language. Of course, it is very comfortable when a man and a woman can communicate well in one language and quickly understand each other. But believe me, if a woman who does not know English meets a man who is very interested in her, then she will learn this language in one or two months. I have seen this many times and it is very nice to see when a woman has a strong motivation and in this state she can learn even 5 new languages if necessary. And you can also discover something new for yourself, when a person understands you from your eyes, habits, and touch, this is an amazing experience that you can remember about in the future and laugh about how wonderful it was. Do not make such a trifle as knowledge of languages an important point in the criteria when searching for your soulmate.
Dear men, try to be more diverse and open in your choice, remove all walls and borders that are built on the wrong prejudices. And you will see that you will very quickly find the woman of your dreams!

With love,

Dona`s team