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Reliability indicators of a dating site ☝️
Every day, an increasing number of dating sites appears on the online dating market. The functionalities of these sites are very similar to each other, sending letters, chat correspondence, gifts for girls, video calls. Of course, these services are paid, because these sites have collected a supposedly unique database of real women who want to marry a foreigner. And even if a man is 60 and a woman is 25 years old, then a man has great chances to marry such a young woman and live a long and happy life.

But how to understand which dating site is really an honest and transparent service for real acquaintances and meetings, and of course as a result of happy marriages with Ukrainian women. After all, how many different unpleasant stories about cheating men and dishonest dating business, where there are acquaintances with Slavic women, we can see on the Internet or hear from our friends.
Let's focus on 5 main reasons why you can evaluate the honesty and integrity of paid dating sites and understand for yourself what it is important to pay attention to.

1. The first is the potential brides that you see registered on this site, meaning the profiles of women. If you observe an abundance of women of model appearance, only young, with perfect photos of a girl, this is the first signal that this site was created exclusively for making money, but not for creating real couples. You can pay attention that on our site you can meet women of completely different ages, professions and appearance sometimes far from model, but these are all real beautiful women who registered on this site only for this purpose - to meet a man for serious relationship.

2. The second is women who write to you very actively. If you registered on a dating site and immediately on the same day you receive a lot of many letters, like: "Hello, you are a very interesting man, I want to get to know you more closely and so on." Of course, this is normal and a woman can write first, but certainly not hundreds of women who are very much interested in your profile without even talking to you even once.This is a clear signal that a specially trained translator is working instead of a woman who receives a monetary reward for communicating with men on the site.

On our website, women have no opportunity to write to a man first until he approves the request for correspondence that a woman can send him. If a man is interested in communicating with a woman and in case of mutual sympathy, they can start correspondence. When you register on our site you should be the first to write to the woman you liked. Therefore, feel free to take the initiative and do not forget to write a woman to read her profile in order to have a common opinion about her.

3. The third thing you need to pay attention to is the presence of chat correspondence.

The chat function, which you can find on many dating sites, is charged per second, that is, you have to pay for every second of communication in real chat. In addition, you never know with whom you are actually communicating with a woman or with a translator. Our site does not have such a function, because we see no reason in conducting long correspondence between a man and a lady. Everything is done on our site for a quick real meeting, at which you can best find out whether you like this woman or not.

And the correspondence can be conducted for six months or even a year, and then just understand that you wasted this time, because in reality you didn’t really like the woman or she simply disappeared and became inaccessible.

Therefore, we highly recommend that after a basic acquaintance in a few letters, make a Skype meeting with a woman where you can see her. If on other sites a woman constantly says that she’s not ready to start a video connection right now, she’s without makeup, etc., then this is a clear sign that a completely different person can correspond with you there. There is no video function on our site, because we ourselves arrange a Skype date for a man and a woman and we always control this process.

4. The fourth thing that is important to pay attention to is the site owner. If the site has enough information about the site owner, his photo, video message, etc., then this suggests that such a site can be trusted and the owner of this site is not hiding, but on the contrary he values his reputation and is interested in the honesty of the site and in his good intentions. If there is no clear information about the team and owner, then be sure that you need to bypass this site.

5. Well, the fifth thing I want to note is the speed of the result. If you communicate with a woman and for some reason she constantly delays a video date or a real meeting, then this is definitely an indicator that the main goal of all this is to pump money from men.

Women who are serious about finding a man, they want to meet him faster and go on a date, because for this they registered on a dating site. But for sure, that is not for endless correspondence.

We value our reputation and work every day to ensure that our site customers are as satisfied as possible. Make the right choice and save your time and money. And the Dona team will always be happy to be your support 24/7.

With love,

Dona`s team