Tips for registered men

Lets talk about the most common mistakes that men make on dates.
I will not dwell on the fact that you should look good, smell good and of course to come with flowers or sweets. These things are not even worth mentioning..
So... What to talk with a woman about?

Most importantly, there should be dialogue on a date. But for sure, that is not a monologue.

Of course, you will talk about yourself, about work, your hobbies and so on. But no one is interested in listening to you for hours about your fascinating life stories. A few sentences about you, and then there should be a question. So what about you? What do you like?  If the waiter in the restaurant brought your order already, then make sure to first serve the woman, show her that you are a caring man. Ask her if she likes the dish?

Try to speak sincerely and not embellish reality. Yet, no need to talk about your flaws.

Do not forget that on the first date you have to sell yourself well.

No matter how strange it sounds)) It is unnecessary to say that you are now a little overweight, but you plan to start working out tomorrow.
Believe me, if a woman has already gone on a date with you, then your overweight is not a problem for her. And it will be better if you do not focus her attention on this. 

Imagine you coming to buy a cell phone, for example, they will tell you that it is a very good phone and how many functions it has, but certainly the seller will not tell you about weak operating systems and  weak battery, but overall the phone is good.  You always need to focus on virtues, but not flaws.

Sometimes excessive honesty on a first date may not be very appropriate and not the best policy.

Better give her a compliment once again. I can confidently say that all women like it. But in this matter, it is important to do it right. If you speak with hungry eyes, Oh God, you are a beautiful goddess! Then she will think that you are definitely hungry.

 A compliment should be with an emphasis on something.

For example, you have an unforgettable smile. Now all evening I will not be able to take off my eyes from your lips and charming smile. Or how amazing she looks in her dress. Or she has got gorgeous hair, or when she takes a glass in her hand, you can say that she has very beautiful and gentle hands. When you detail the compliment, then it really will be remembered and the woman will be very pleased.
Let's go to the next mistake ..

The biggest mistake is to complain.

Do not try on the first date to talk about what is wrong in your life. Or how you are angry towards your ex-wife,  the government, the president, the boss, your brother, about your  small salary or a prices increased and so on.No woman likes men who complain and unhappy. A woman is looking for a strong conquering man who knows what to do tomorrow, who sets goals and achieves them. This is a female natural instinct.

A woman by nature will not want to give birth to children from a weak man who whines because he is unhappy.

Even if you don’t have anything to say, it concerns more young guys, then you can always say about your big goals, about how you want to live and that you will definitely strive for this. And believe me, this will be enough to understand a woman that you are a promising man.
If a woman has a child, please ask a few questions about him. What's his name? What does he like? How do you spend your free time with him? Etc. This conquers a woman with a child immediately.

The second is the topic of sexuality. The middle ground is very important here. No need on the first date to talk about what position in sex you prefer more, and all the other details of your sexual fantasies. 

A woman wants to understand that you is interested in her as a person, and not as a sexual object. And to be cold like a woman does not attract you sexually is also a big mistake. A gentle kiss at the end of a date, or take a hand in a car or show with your eyes that you want this woman - this would be an ideal option. A woman wants to be desired. For this, she choses on a beautiful dress and heels. But she wants to be to be special for this man, but not one of many.

Another big mistake could be if a man talks about what kind of a Casanova he is and that he had thousands of women. In fact, try not to talk about your past relationships.

Any woman is unpleasant to hear about how you were with another woman.

And if you talk about your ex badly - it will show you only the bad side. This is your past and leave it yours.Maybe someday you will talk about it, but not on the first date for sure.
These are old tips that always work. If you do not want a ruin relationship, do not talk about religion, politics and about ex women.

Try to be easy in conversation and talk on ordinary topics with which you can relax as much as possible. About music, films, travel, weather, holidays, your dreams, extreme sports and so on, you can show some of your photos (but not a lot - this is also important).
Of course, everyone says that the most important thing is chemistry, which either is or is not. And if there is, then a date will definitely be good. But as practice shows, this does not always work. Sometimes you can say so many nonsense on a first date and show yourself completely different from what you really are. Therefore, you need to be able to show yourself correctly on the first date and then, you will be able to charm any woman you want.

I hope my little tips will be useful to you. 

With love,

Dona`s team