Relationship psychology

For many couples, the beginning of international relations is the first experience that is slightly different from how everything was happening in their home country. Indeed, you really have a different mentality, language, culture. Often a real meeting is preceded by online communication, in which there is also something specific, romantic and disturbing. Do not forget that in this case the acquaintance also takes place under the strict guidance of the agency representatives. There are rules, there are limits, there are recommendations. But of course, this is done only so that the number of international marriages grows, because in the vast majority, these are really very happy and harmonious couples.

Unfortunately, often after a man and a woman get to know each other online, become interested in each other, sincerely wait for a meeting, a real date ends in a fiasco.

Let's look at the main reasons for this outcome.

  • The first thing I want to talk about is preparing for a date. It is really very important to look as beautiful, neat and elegant as possible. When a girl runs away from work in sneakers, trousers and with a bunch on her head and sincerely believes that her man will love her the way she is - this in most cases ends in failure. A man is pleased to see that a woman was carefully preparing for a date - a dress, heels, light makeup, well-groomed hair, jewelry, a light perfume - this is what every gentleman expects. A feminine lady that you want to carry in your arms. The same applies to men - stylish pants, good shoes, a fresh shirt - overwhelmingly conquer all the girls. Be sure to have a beautiful bouquet of flowers so that she feels that the man is caring for her and wants to make her happy. No one talks about expensive gifts, it's about a cute sign of attention. Of course, it’s important here not to overdo it and not try to seem like what you are not.
  • The second, very important advice is to study the culture of the partner country. It’s not difficult, before you go on dates, read about the area where your future soulmate lives, what kind of traditions, extravagance, lifestyle. It is always pleasant when you understand that a person is sincerely interested in you, where you live, what surrounds you. And believe me - this is a big disappointment when there is no such interest. In this case, thoughts arise - and will he (she) be interested in me in the future? What interests this person in me at the moment, if he (she) did not even bother to find out about my home country. How to build relationships with him (her) in the future?
  • The third thing I want to talk about is topics on the first date. Communication should be easy, relaxed and fun. Do not talk about income, religion, politics, parents. Relations at the initial stage are very fragile and you need to be as careful as possible so as not to destroy that ease of the beginning of your romance.
  • Fourth tip - carefully review each other’s profiles. Prepare questions that interest you prematurely. Show maximum interest in each other's hobbies, leisure. But do not turn a date into an interrogation, this can scare off a partner. Everything should be appropriate and easy.

Human sympathy, very subtle matter. Everything is individual here, it is not possible to predict the outcome of the first date. But you can do everything possible to leave a good impression about yourself. For our part, we are ready to help you, give advice, prepare for a date if you feel that you need it at the moment. Indeed, our team has a professional coach who specializes in building relationships. Our team is in touch 24/7!

Good luck in finding your happiness!

With love
Team '' Dona ''