About us

A completely new approach to the matchmaking process! One-time minimum payment for membership in the agency, which gives you all the possibilities and full functionality of the site. No fees for each letter, minute of Skype meeting, exchange of contacts, etc. Dona is a dating service for the purpose of marriage. We believe that if people find each other, there should be no restrictions in their search and communication. The couple must calmly get to know each other, and not think about the cost of the next Skype or letter. We provide with everything you need for comfortable communication, an interpreter during the video and a real date without any additional payments. Full support during your stay in Ukraine!

We are the first who make this service paid for everyone! In order for men to be confident in the seriousness of the girls' intentions, and the girls to appreciate all the efforts of our team and take an active part in using the site's functionality!

We are confident that this approach will increase the number of happy couples by 80% !!!

Who are we?

The creators of this project are an experienced matchmaker - Elena Dolinskaya and the owner of an IT company - Vitaliy Nagornyuk.

This tandem makes this project unique. After all, it combines the vast experience of a professional matchmaker who is really interested in creating happy couples and the experience of an IT specialist who will provide ease of use of the site, 24/7 support (by phone, email, online chat) and instant solution to technical problems.

Why us?

We have intentionally created a website without an online chat. After all, it is very rare for a girl to personally search for her partner. Basically, managers sit instead of her, who create the illusion ...

Regular parties, group tours in Ukraine, where you can see each other in person. After all, this site is intended more for real meetings, which significantly increase the chances of meeting a soul mate! Before organizing such events, you personally invite those you want to see on the guest list!

We provide our clients with full support in using all the functionality of the site and of course a personal meeting with a potential partner and even moving to a man's country in the future.

We respect all users of the site, both foreign men and Slavic girls!

We have combined the experience of our teams to create a service that will provide you with maximum comfort, loyalty, safety and support in finding a potential partner.

Complete confidentiality! All personal data that you provide will be stored in the office of our company and are not subject to disclosure, you can read this in detail in the section “Site Policy and Privacy”.

We maintain an anti-fraudulent policy, all users of the site will be checked to avoid situations that are contrary to the policy of the site.


The company is officially registered in Ukraine. You can easily find our contact details. This includes the headquarters telephone number, address, email address and Skype contact address. We encourage you to contact us directly if you have any problems or questions.